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Therapy Office

My fees

My therapy sessions are 50 minutes long and my current fees are £70 per session, unless you 20 or under, in which case my fees are £55. 

Sometimes clients want to book in longer sessions from time to time, perhaps to focus on something in particular, and these sessions are charged a pro rata fee of £105 for a 75 minute session.  

I also offer Single Session Therapy and the sessions are 110 minutes long at a pro rata fee of £140.  These sessions are useful for those that don't feel they want to have ongoing therapy but who want to focus on something in particular, or for those that have previously had therapy, with me or another therapist, and do not want to enter into further ongoing therapy but feel they would like to check in and focus on something that is troubling them at the moment. 

I ask that payment is made prior to each appointment and my cancellation policy is 48 hours before the full fee will be due.  

I set my fees at a rate which allows me to limit my practice numbers in order that I can provide high quality therapy with good up-to-date professional development and training.  

I understand that most people are not in a position to budget for therapy at this rate. There are a great number of excellent therapists with different fee structures and I am always happy to provide recommendations. 

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