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Your Personal Therapy

I have experienced anxiety, overwhelm, and panic attacks in the past. Through therapy, I came to understand that my anxiety was strongly connected to my low self-esteem; but, with the help of good therapy, I was able to understand and reduce my anxiety, and to work on building my self-esteem so that I could enjoy life, make good choices and to finally accept myself.  

Experiencing that change is why I retrained as a therapist and it's why I'm passionate about helping others, like you, who feel anxious and overwhelmed and who feel they have low self-esteem. I know you want things to change, to feel easier in yourself and to be able to have good and healthy relationships, and you can.

Through counselling, I can help you to understand your feelings of anxiety and overwhelm, and to empower you towards change, to enable you to feel happier within yourself and finally begin to enjoy the good and healthy relationships you want and deserve.  

You deserve to feel okay, so get in touch with me today to book a session with me 

The impact on our relationships with ourselves and with others, from having good therapy, is priceless.

I work with both teenagers and adults and, as a member of the LGBTQI+ community,

I am LGBTQI+ affirmative 🏳️‍🌈

Please get in touch using the contact button below

Warm wishes,


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