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Grief Counselling

I work with clients who are struggling with their feelings of grief following the death of someone significant in their lives.  

Grief often brings up so much for us and can feel overwhelming.

Grief comes in waves, but when you are struggling with overwhelming grief it's often because the waves are too big to handle and they come crashing into you, causing you to feel unsteady and anxious. 

Grief is forged from feelings that won't be quiet until they're processed, but this can often feel too much to handle alone. 

If you're feeling overwhelmed by grief and feel you can’t talk to anyone else, with counselling, I can help you to understand and process your feelings and to help you get through your grief. 

My work is centred around respect and care for my clients as they go through the process of change and my approach is warm and interactive, empathic and holistic, and I believe in providing therapy that is non-judgmental and client centred.  

Lots of things come up when we are grieving and I am open to working with you on anything you need to bring.  

I know that it takes courage to seek help and support and, if you are ready to take that step with me, I am here to support you and to empower you to calm the overwhelm of grief, to support you through this hardest moment.  
You deserve to feel okay, so get in touch with me today to book a session with me

I work with both teenagers and adults and, as a member of the LGBTQI+ community,

I am LGBTQI+ affirmative 🏳️‍🌈

Please get in touch using the contact button below

Warm wishes,


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