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Thank you, procrastination, but I can take it from here

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Hi there,

Anne here. I’ve been meaning to get this post written for such a long time, and finally, I’ve created some space and, putting fingers to the keyboard, I’ve done it! No promises that I’ll manage to make it weekly, but I’m going to try!

As I try, I’m reminded of the discomfort and the anxiety of not meeting the expectations I have of myself. And what if people think it’s rubbish nonsense, and no help at all? What if I don’t keep it up? What if I spend so long editing it to make it perfect, that it doesn’t get sent out? And besides, there was no deadline, which makes it almost impossible to get it done!

So, procrastination did its thing, and kept me from having to deal with any of those issues.

If there’s something you’ve been putting off, because you don’t think it will be good enough, or it's too big and overwhelming, and besides, you've got so many other things you need to do first, and procrastination turns up to help you avoid it or delay it, that’s okay. Don’t judge it, don’t judge yourself, it’s okay. You’ll get the thing done when you’re ready, you always do.

Procrastination is a useful processing tool. But, like I’ve had to do today, sometimes we do have to take a breath and put it away, so that we can get the task done.

Below is a 14 minute Ted Talk on Procrastination by Tim Urban, which I hope you'll find helpful. And it's funny too, so it's perfect procrastination time!

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